New release is coming soon! If you want to try out the latest features, simply run npm i -s moleculer@next. The docs for the latest version are available here.


When you call an action or emit an event, the broker creates a Context instance that contains all request information and passes it to the action/event handler as a single argument.

Properties of Context

Name Type Description String Context ID ServiceBroker Instance of the broker.
ctx.nodeID String The caller or target Node ID.
ctx.action Object Instance of action definition.
ctx.event Object Instance of event definition.
ctx.eventName Object The emitted event name.
ctx.eventType String Type of event (“emit” or “broadcast”).
ctx.eventGroups Array<String> Groups of event.
ctx.caller String Service full name of the caller. E.g.: v3.myService
ctx.requestID String Request ID. If you make nested-calls, it will be the same ID.
ctx.parentID String Parent context ID (in nested-calls).
ctx.params Any Request params. Second argument from
ctx.meta Any Request metadata. It will be also transferred to nested-calls.
ctx.locals Any Local data.
ctx.level Number Request level (in nested-calls). The first level is 1.
ctx.span Span Current active span.

Methods of Context

Name Response Description Promise Make nested-call. Same arguments like in
ctx.emit() void Emit an event, same as broker.emit
ctx.broadcast() void Broadcast an event, same as broker.broadcast
ctx.startSpan(name, opts) Span Creates a new child span.
ctx.finishSpan(span) void Finishes a span.
ctx.toJSON() Object Convert Context to a printable JSON.
ctx.copy() this Create a copy of the Context instance.

Context tracking

If you want graceful service shutdowns, enable the Context tracking feature in broker options. If you enable it, all services will wait for all running contexts before shutdown. A timeout value can be defined with shutdownTimeout broker option. The default values is 5 seconds.

Enable context tracking & change the timeout value

const broker = new ServiceBroker({
nodeID: "node-1",
tracking: {
enabled: true,
shutdownTimeout: 10 * 1000

The shutdown timeout can be overwritten by $shutdownTimeout property in service settings.

Disable tracking in calling option

await"posts.find", {}, { tracking: false });