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Name Description Author Version
moleculer-web Official API Gateway service. icebob npm
moleculer-apollo-server Apollo GraphQL server for Moleculer. icebob npm
moleculer-sc API Gateway using SocketCluster tiaod npm
moleculer-io Socket.IO-based gateway tiaod npm
moleculer-socketio Manage Socket.IO events like actions in services davidroman0O npm
hapi-moleculer Hapi plugin for the Moleculer. felipegcampos npm
moleculer-grpc-api gRPC server for Moleculer. brunonunes npm
moleculer-web-uws A fast API gateway based on uWebSockets.js jimmielovell npm

Databases & stores

Name Description Author Version
moleculer-db A NeDB-based service to persist your data icebob npm
moleculer-db-adapter-mongo A MongoDB-based service to persist your data icebob npm
moleculer-db-adapter-mongoose A Mongoose-based service to persist your data icebob npm
moleculer-db-adapter-sequelize A Sequelize-based service to persist your data icebob npm
moleculer-db-adapter-couchdb-nano A CouchDB adapter for Moleculer using nano.js mrkutin npm
moleculer-db-adapter-typeorm A TypeORM-based service to persist your data dkuida npm
moleculer-db-adapter-dynamodb A DynamoDB adapter for Moleculer DB service katsanva npm
moleculer-gundb A GunDB mixins for Moleculer DB service. smart-matrix npm
moleculer-db-adapter-rethinkdb A RethinkDB Moleculer service mixin. cantecim npm
moleculer-db-adapter-macrometa MacroMeta adapter for Moleculer DB service. icebob npm
moleculer-db-adapter-orientdb Moleculer orientDB database adapter. saeedtabrizi npm
moleculer-db-adapter-prisma SQL adapter for Moleculer DB service with Prisma. noluckjustskill npm
moleculer-mongobubble A Moleculer module for generating CRUD services using 🍃🫧 MongoBubble. ggondim npm

Metrics & Tracing

Name Description Author Version
moleculer-console-tracer Console-based service icebob npm
moleculer-jaeger Jaeger-based metrics service icebob npm
moleculer-prometheus Prometheus-based metrics service icebob npm
moleculer-zipkin Zipkin-based metrics service icebob npm
moleculer-elastic-apm Elastic APM-based metrics service intech npm
moleculer-sentry Sentry-based error logging Hugome npm


Name Description Author Version
moleculer-fake Fake data generator by Fakerator icebob npm
moleculer-mail Email service based on Nodemailer icebob npm
moleculer-twilio SMS service based on Twilio API icebob npm
moleculer-slack Send Messages to Slack API icebob npm
moleculer-elasticsearch Elasticsearch service for Moleculer. icebob npm
moleculer-flydrive Storage manager service with Node Flydrive. molobala npm
moleculer-markdown Markdown to HTML Service alsofronie npm
moleculer-typetalk Send Messages to Typetalk is2ei npm
moleculer-data-provider React-Admin Data provider to interact with Moleculer Services APIs RancaguaInnova npm


Name Description Author Version
moleculer-protect-services JWT protection for service actions icebob npm
imicros-auth Authentication, Authorization and ACL services al66 npm
moleculer-antivirus Service for ClamAV Antivirus Scanning designtesbrot npm
moleculer-vault Service for HashiCorp's Vault designtesbrot npm
oauth-moleculer OAuth2 Service zerocowl npm
moleculer-iam Centralized IAM module for moleculer. qmit-pro npm


Name Description Author Version
imicros-flow Service for loose coupled event handling al66 npm
serverless-moleculer Serverless Framework handler for Moleculer davidroman0O npm
moleculer-state-machine State Machine mixin that extends a Moleculer Service to act as a finite-state machine. fugufish npm
moleculer-minio Service providing actions for managing buckets and objects in an AWS S3 or Minio powered backend designtesbrot npm
moleculer-aws-s3 Service providing actions for managing buckets and objects in AWS S3 using the AWS S3 v3 JS client library bitcomposer npm
moleculer-segment Service for Segment winoteam npm
moleculer-sharp A Moleculer Service for Image Manipulation using sharp designtesbrot npm
moleculer-cls Hooked Continuation-Local Storage for Moleculer cupsadarius npm
moleculer-insee-sirene Service for INSEE Sirene API. An API with info about all French companies Hugome npm
moleculer-http-client HTTP client mixin that allows Moleculer services to communicate with remote REST APIs AndreMaz npm
moleculer-axios Axios based HTTP client for Moleculer services adam-mccormick npm
moleculer-browser Moleculer for the browser. geut npm
moleculer-stripe Service for Stripe Hugome npm
node-red-contrib-moleculer Node Red client for Moleculer with events, emit, call, request and response support. chameleonbr npm
moleculer-pdf A Puppeteer-based Moleculer service that generates PDF from HTML. olivmonnier npm
moleculer-discord Discord Gateway for Moleculer.js framework. byterain npm
dns DNS nameserver, DNS over HTTPS, DNS resolver FLYBYME npm
moleculer-i18n Server side i18n support based on Polyglot iujlaki npm
moleculer-gql-client Mixin that allows Moleculer services to perform GraphQL requests kyleplump npm

Tasks, queues & jobs

Name Description Author Version
moleculer-bee-queue Task queue mixin for Bee-Queue icebob npm
moleculer-bull Task queue mixin for Bull icebob npm
moleculer-faktory Task queue mixin for Faktory Hugome npm
moleculer-cron Moleculer mixin for node-cron davidroman0O npm
@r2d2bzh/moleculer-cron Another moleculer mixin for node-cron r2d2bzh npm
moleculer-amqp-queue Task queue mixin for AMQP lehno npm
moleculer-bullmq Task queue mixin for BullMq Hugome npm


Name Description Author Version
fastest-validator Moleculer's default validator is based on fastest-validator icebob npm
Joi Joi based validator icebob npm
moleculer-json-schema-validator JSON Schema validator zhaoyao91 npm
ts-transformer-json-schema Use Typescript Intefraces as validator. ipetrovic11 npm
moleculer-zod-validator A validator that allows the use of Zod for type-safe validation and type inference. TheAppleFreak npm


Name Description Author Version
moleculer-repl Interactive developer console. icebob npm
moleculer-cli Command-Line Tool for development & testing. icebob npm
moleculer-decorators ES7/TS decorators for Service declaration. ColonelBundy npm
moleculer-service-decorators ES7/TS decorators for Service declaration. rmccallum81 npm
moleculer-ts TypeScript service actions/events types generator. Jarvify npm
moleculer-service-ts Typescript support for moleculer service actions and events. bytetechnology npm
moldock A CLI tool to deconstruct moleculer projects into their own dependant projects, to be able to dockerize them individually. amroessam npm
fastest-validator-decorators Typescript decorators for the fastest-validator library. tobydeh npm
moleculer-snippets vscode extension for inserting moleculerjs code snippets pavittarx npm
moleculer-auto-openapi Auto generate OpenAPI (Swagger) scheme for Moleculer services. grinat npm
x.moleculer Pure typescript solution to infer params and meta types in call and mcall ebrahimmfadae npm
moleculer-plus Service, validator, and api decorators for moleculer, enabling modern TypeScript syntax and features. Ish npm

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