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Circuit breaker

Added in: v0.7.6

The Moleculer has a built-in circuit-breaker solution.

What is the circuit breaker?

Read more about circuit breaker on Martin Fowler blog.

If you enable it, every service call will be protected by a built-in circuit breaker.

Enable it in the broker options

const broker = new ServiceBroker({
circuitBreaker: {
enabled: true,
maxFailures: 5,
halfOpenTime: 10 * 1000,
failureOnTimeout: true,
failureOnReject: true


Name Type Default Description
enabled Boolean false Enable the protection
maxFailures 3 false Breaker trips after 3 failures
halfOpenTime Number 10000 Number of milliseconds to switch from open to half-open state
failureOnTimeout Boolean true Increment failures if the request is timed out
failureOnReject Boolean true Increment failures if the request is rejected (by any Error)

If the circuit-breaker state is changed, ServiceBroker will send internal & metrics events.