Command Line Tool

moleculer-cli npm

This is a command-line tool for Moleculer to help developing & testing.


$ npm install -g moleculer-cli


Init a new project

With this command you can scaffold a new Moleculer project.

$ moleculer init module my-module

The above command downloads the template from ice-services/moleculer-template-module, prompts some information and generates a new module to the ./my-module folder.

Official templates

  • module - Generate a new Moleculer module project (e.g.: moleculer-xyz). Use it if you want to create a module for Moleculer framework
    • empty service skeleton
    • examples skeleton
    • readme skeleton
    • tests & coverage with Jest
    • lint with ESLint
  • project-simple - Generate a simple Moleculer-based project. Use it if you want to start a new project which is based on Moleculer framework
    • two example service (math, test)
    • official API Gateway (optional)
    • tests & coverage with Jest
    • lint with ESLint

Custom templates

$ moleculer init username/repo my-project

Where username/repo is the GitHub repo shorthand for your fork.

The shorthand repo notation is passed to download-git-repo so you can also use things like bitbucket:username/repo for a Bitbucket repo and username/repo#branch for tags or branches.

Local Templates

Instead of a GitHub repo, you can also use a template on your local file system:

$ moleculer init ./path/to-custom-template my-project

Start a broker locally

This command start a new ServiceBroker locally and switch to REPL mode.

$ moleculer start

Start a broker and connect to a transporter

This command start a new ServiceBroker, connect to a transporter server and switch to REPL mode.

# Connect to NATS
$ moleculer connect nats://localhost:4222
# Connect to Redis
$ moleculer connect redis://localhost
# Connect to MQTT
$ moleculer connect mqtt://localhost