Official modules


Module name Description Version
moleculer-web Official API Gateway service for Moleculer framework npm
moleculer-fake Fake data generator by Fakerator. NPM version
moleculer-mail Send emails from any services. NPM version
moleculer-twilio Send SMS Message with Twilio. NPM version

Databases & stores

Module name Description Version
moleculer-db Moleculer service to store entities in database. NPM version
moleculer-db-adapter-mongo MongoDB native adapter for Moleculer DB service. NPM version
moleculer-db-adapter-mongoose Mongoose adapter for Moleculer DB service. NPM version
moleculer-db-adapter-sequelize SQL adapter (Postgres, MySQL, SQLite & MSSQL) for Moleculer DB service. NPM version

Tasks, queues & jobs

Module name Description Version
moleculer-bee-queue Task queue mixin for Bee-Queue. NPM version
moleculer-bull Task queue service with Bull. NPM version


Module name Description Version
moleculer-repl REPL module for Moleculer framework. npm
moleculer-cli Command line tool for Moleculer framework. npm

Third-party modules


Module name Author Description Version
moleculer-adapter-feathers zygos Moleculer service mixin wrapping Feathers.js services. NPM version
moleculer-config WoLfulus, IDwall Configuration service & mixin for service settings. NPM version
moleculer-decorators ColonelBundy Decorators for Moleculer framework. npm
moleculer-graphql brad-decker GraphQL Schema stitching over a microservice network for co-located type definitions. npm
moleculer-sc tiaod API Gateway service for Moleculer framework using SocketCluster. npm

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