When you call an action, the broker creates a Context instance which contains all the request information and pass it to the action handler as a single argument.

Available properties & methods of Context:

Name Type Description String Context ID ServiceBroker Instance of broker.
ctx.action Object Instance of action definition.
ctx.nodeID String Node ID.
ctx.requestID String Request ID. If you make sub-calls in a request, it will be the same ID.
ctx.parentID String ID of parent context (in case of sub-calls).
ctx.params Any Params of request. Second argument from
ctx.meta Any Metadata of request. It will be transferred in sub-calls.
ctx.callerNodeID String Caller Node ID if it is requested from a remote node.
ctx.level Number Level of request (in case of sub-calls). First level is 1. Function You can make a sub-call. Same arguments like
ctx.emit() Function Emit an event, like broker.emit