Welcome to the Moleculer documentation. Navigate through the documentation to learn more. If you encounter any problems when using Moleculer, open an issue on GitHub or write to us on Gitter.

What is Moleculer?

Moleculer is a fast, modern and powerful microservices framework for Node.js. It helps you to build efficient, reliable & scalable services. Moleculer provides many features for building and managing your microservices.


  • Promise-based solution
  • request-reply concept
  • support event-driven architecture with balancing
  • built-in service registry
  • dynamic service discovery
  • load balanced requests & events (round-robin, random, custom)
  • supports middlewares
  • service mixins
  • multiple services on a node/server
  • built-in caching solution (memory, Redis)
  • pluggable transporters (TCP, NATS, MQTT, Redis, NATS Streaming, Kafka)
  • pluggable serializers (JSON, Avro, MsgPack, Protocol Buffer)
  • pluggable validator
  • every node is equal, no master/leader node
  • parameter validation with fastest-validator
  • distributed timeout handling with the fallback response
  • health monitoring, metrics & statistics
  • supports versioned services
  • official API gateway module and many other modules…

Moleculer is written in ES2015. The minimum version of Node.js is v6.x.x.

How fast?

We spent a lot of hours to improve the performance of Moleculer and create the fastest microservices framework for Node.js.

Result chart
Result chart

You can check the results on your computer! Just clone this repo and run npm install && npm start.

Check out our benchmark results.